For me, it’s a celebration of love, passion, and an unwavering obsession with perfumery. My mission is to share knowledge, inspire, and empower individuals to venture into the world of candle and home fragrance businesses. This vision led to the creation of Beauty Handmade—the first Business Academy for the Candle and Home Fragrance Industry. At Beauty Handmade, we aim to provide specialized education and training in the art of specialty candle businesses and perfumery. Whether you’re starting up or an established business, we’re here to guide you through the development of scented candles and home fragranced products.”


Luxury Unveiled: Mastering the Art of Fragrance and Bespoke Candle Alchemy at Beauty Handmade


Elevate Your Senses: The Essence of Opulence in Fragrance and Candle Mastery

Indulge in the exquisite realm of Beauty Handmade, an exclusive haven where the sophistication of fragrance meets the artistry of candle creation at the highest echelon.

Privileged Access to Our Fragrance Atelier: Enter the rarified air of our Private Fragrance Academy, an elite institution designed for discerning connoisseurs seeking an unparalleled education in perfumery. Beauty Handmade is not merely a purveyor of scents; we are curators of a refined journey, meticulously tailored to elevate your understanding of fragrance to the zenith of luxury.

Crafting Bespoke Candle Brands: At Beauty Handmade, we transcend the ordinary, shaping candle brands with a bespoke touch that defines opulence. Our concept involves an unparalleled commitment to excellence, ensuring each candle is not just a product but a masterpiece. From conceptual inception to tangible reality, we guide you through an unparalleled process where creativity, expertise, and a commitment to refinement converge.

Artisanal Excellence in Creation: Discover the epitome of artistry in fragrance and candle creation. Every scent and candle design at Beauty Handmade is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship where creativity meets precision. Immerse yourself in an opulent journey where every element is carefully curated to surpass conventional boundaries.

Exclusivity in Workshops and Consultations: Experience the epitome of exclusivity through our tailored workshops and consultations. Delve into the intricacies of fragrance alchemy and the creation of prestigious candle brands within the confines of a private sanctuary. This one-on-one approach ensures your journey is nothing short of a refined, enlightening experience.

A Community of Connoisseurs: Beauty Handmade is not just a brand; it is a gathering of like-minded connoisseurs who appreciate the opulence of fragrance artistry. Join an exclusive network where discussions are elevated, collaborations are exquisite, and creativity blossoms in an ambiance of refined luxury.

Your Voyage into Unparalleled Fragrance Excellence: Embark on a journey into unparalleled fragrance excellence, where every note resonates with sophistication. Whether you’re a novice or an aficionado, Beauty Handmade is your sanctuary of opulent craftsmanship, refining your passion for creating scents and candle brands at the pinnacle of luxury.

Join us at Beauty Handmade, where luxury meets fragrance, and every candle is a symphony of opulence and artistry.





Zaga Colovic is a UK trained “nose” with over 17 years of professional experience within the beauty and fragrance industry. She is the founder and nose behind the The Perfume Atelier. 

She is a consultant member of the International Fragrance Association IFRA UK, Associate member of the British Society of Perfumers 

She is also Associate member of Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

IFRA UK member
British Society of Perfumers member


Unleash your passion for fragrances with Beauty Handmade, the premier Business Academy for the Candle and Home Fragrance Industry. Discover a world where love, knowledge, and obsession converge to inspire and empower entrepreneurs at every stage. Whether you’re starting a new venture or enhancing an established business, our specialized education and training pave the way for crafting exquisite scented candles and home fragranced products. Elevate your expertise with Beauty Handmade and turn your fragrance dreams into a thriving reality.





We are first British niche fragrance academy and fragrance house specialising in fragrances for the application of candles, reed diffusers and home scented products. Through our Home Fragrance Academy we inspire, empower, consult and teach the business of developing home fragrance products with particular interest in candle fragrance and its challenging applications.



I have collaborated with many esteemed companies such as Rosco Production, Phillip Morris International, Oriflame, Virgin, Live Nation, Carlsberg  ITV

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