Zaga Colovic perfumer at Beauty Handmade

I am Zaga Colovic,  perfumer and beauty entrepreneur with over 15 years of professional experience within the fragrance industry.

I am here to educate, empower and train you to create a candle business and your dream job you are truly passionate about.

“For me it’s all about the love, passion and obsession for fragrances and knowledge sharing so as to inspire and empower you to create a different candle and home fragrance businesses today”

Successful candle business isn’t just about making a candle. It’s a process that helps you understand how to break into the fragrance industry, who your buying personas are, what drives them to make a purchase, why should they buy from you, and how to communicate your brand identity and story to your relevant customer segments. In addition, this process also involves Legislation so as you have a legal business.

I am here to help you. I create a range of one to one workshops and an online courses to show you how to start and grow candle business,  a brand with distinctive differentiation.

Zaga is brilliant and an inspiring woman. Working with her on my candle and home fragrance brand was the best decision I have ever made”

– Alexandra

I love that each and every workshop I deliver means a lot and it is a solid starting point to great businesses.


what’s in the name?

beauty: /ˈbjuːti/

Combination of qualities that are aesthetically pleasing to senses

handmade: /han(d)ˈmeɪd/

Bespoke, superior quality crafted by human hand


Beauty Handmade was founded by perfumer and beauty entrepreneur Zaga Colovic. As a passionate Perfumer with commercially creative mind Zaga works with smart, committed and determined individuals to help them turn an idea into business in home fragrance industry. She has done collaborative projects with Virgin, Live Nation, Carlsberg and most recently with ITV Dancing On Ice Show.

Zaga has developed groundbreaking methods of knowledge sharing that has captured attention of many clients around the Globe. Her clients range from entrepreneurs to start up companies  from China, South America, Italy, Israel, Dubai, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Kenya and Vietnam.



collaboration with Live Nation


Beauty Handmade is an award winning brand and the first choice for all start ups and entrepreneurs wishing to create home fragrance businesses.

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