Dean and Lizzie

Learnt so much on this course! Getting to speak to an expert about our ideas and what we wanted to achieve was just what we needed and gave us a lot of food for thought. It really helped us focus our ideas on our new business venture. As an added bonus, we walked out with two beautiful candles. Definitely worth booking! Thank you Zaga!

Alexandra Sangster

 I learned a huge amount and left the course feeling inspired and motivated. Zaga is a fantastic teacher and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop :)Alexandra Sangster

Zoe Wheeler

A really relaxed and effective learning environment and so useful to help process my business plan and ideas. Zaga tailor made the workshop specifically to suit my current position and needs. Highly recommend.


Thank you Zaga for a great workshop this weekend! Having been self taught for 1 year, Zaga quickly showed me where I was going wrong and also gave a wealth of knowledge with regards to the candle business, technical and compliance information. Zaga is very warm,friendly and professional and I highly recommend her.


 For anyone who is serious about making candles and a candle-making business – Zaga is the person to go to. She really is a gem and offers a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to get to grips with this industry and art. In addition, she is friendly, fun and very generous with sharing her experiences and knowledge. She goes above and beyond. Thank you!


THE BEST SERVICE EVER!!! Zaga is an amazing teacher, she teaches with passion and it was beautiful spending one whole day with her doing two workshops. Now I want to go home to Rome and start my own business. Thank you Zaga


I really enjoyed this course with Zaga. She was very through in explaining the regulations and knowledgeable in all aspects of making a candle. I was able to have my various questions answered in a helpful and enthusiastic manner which really made the course so worth while. I now feel confident to try and make some more candles as well as starting to sett up my business. I would happily recommend Zaga to others seeking to make a go of their candle business .


I had the most enjoyable morning with Zaga doing the candle making course. She creates such a comfortable environment to learn and ask any questions you want. Her knowledge and the research she has done is invaluable. What I loved most was her willingness to share! I will most certainly be doing the other courses in due time!!


I found this workshop with Zaga very useful as a starting point for setting up my own candle business. Got me on the right path with suppliers, candle making and legislation, saving me lots of research time and uncertainty with information found myself. Would recommend.


Deciding to take this course I will say is one of the best decision I have made so far. Zaga was totally brilliant all the way and ready to answer all my questions patiently no matter how insignificant or silly it was. I would totally recommend this course to anyone looking to set up their business. It is worth the time and money.

Millie Dobie

I absolutely loved my course with Zaga. With no prior knowledge i left with a really thorough understanding of not only what i need to do to make my individual product but the tools needed to get up and running. Zaga is very knowledgeable and generous with her information and clearly wants others to succeed in their ventures. I would thoroughly recommend this training for anyone looking to build a business from their own unique candles.

Filipa Vasconelos

This as so very enlightening. Zaga’s availability and easy going have made the two hours disappear in less than nothing but the will to learn more and get hands to work is immediate! Thank you Zaga for teaching your little secrets!

Adam Stoneham

I found the workshop very worthwhile. I learnt lots from Zaga who was very open, welcoming, honest and very knowledgeable. I went away with lots to think about, but feeling very confident. I would certainly recommend the course.

Kriszta K.

Thank you Zaga for the great course today. I came with very litttle knowlidge,she explained every single detail very clearly, it is worth every penny. Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. Just excellent.


I had a candle business workshop with Zaga a few weeks ago and it was really insightful. I had done a lot of research and candle making prior to this workshop but Zaga was able to inform me of certain legalities and tips that I had not considered.It was nice to hear her story and some of the work she has been a part of. She is really friendly and answered all my questions! I want to also go on to learn about making reed diffusers and will be booking onto a course with Zaga.

Louise Flaxman

I attended this course yesterday and felt that I learnt so much from Zagga. She is warm, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about fragrance and candle making. She made the session fun and relaxing and the 3 hours flew by! I came away with the knowledge to now start my own business and I now know where I was going wrong previously. She cares about what she does and is very passionate about her business. Well worth the trip up to London for the day! Thank you!

Sharon Packman

Zaga is warm, welcoming and, above all, very knowledgeable in what she does. I’m sure what she has taught me in a relatively short space of time is going to help me avoid alot of the mistakes I probably would have made without her guidance. I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt. Thank you Zaga!

Ruth Casaletto

I searched the internet for a few weeks for various candle making courses. I finally came across her workshops and I instantly knew she was the one! I could see that she offered the complete package. I was sure that I would learn so much more working one to one with her, rather than in a class or online. Zaga exceeded my expectations. She is a professional, passionate perfumer and was keen to impart so many tips and tricks of the trade which are impossible to obtain online or in books. She encouraged me to think outside the box and look at creating perfumes for my candles as a form of art rather than just a science. I went to the workshop thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to do – that all changed within 5 minutes of working with her! I am certain that she has saved me a lot of time and money by teaching me correct procedures and what pitfalls to avoid. Thanks Zaga!


Zaga had a professional approach in which you could tell she has a passion for fragrance. She made everything simple to understand and stepped through the stages of determining scents. Scents are very individual and she encouraged this. The application of fragrance to candles was key to this session. This was the unique selling point I wanted to understand. Thank you Zaga for your generous sharing of information.

Rusten Boztas

This course is great for anyone wanting to learn about Fragrance combining with no knowledge of the field. Zaga was really great to learn from and it was evident she had a passion for fragrance. The course was full of different projects and it was really interesting and exciting when it came to fragrance combining.


This is an excellent course if you are in the process of or thinking of setting up your own candle making business. Zaga is extremely knowledgeable about the industry and challenged my business plan to help put me in the best position possible when preparing to launch. The course environment is very relaxed and Zaga is absolutely lovely! I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring candle makers.


I’m so glad I came across this workshop with Zaga. I was about to attend a general candle making workshop before I saw this. This was exactly what I needed, to go through ideas and how tos, and what ifs. I wish I had prepared more questions, but Zaga is happy to answer them by email, which is fab! Much recommended if you’re serious about candles.


This course covers everything you need to know. I can’t recommend Zaga enough, she is knowledgeable,friendly, helpful and the course was so informative- I’m so excited to get started. Thank you Zaga.


A super course, very informative and must know facts if you choose candles as a business venture. Equally, really fun to learn as a hobby. Ideal and cost effective for personalised gifts.


My mum and I attended the course which we thoroughly enjoyed. Zaga is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic! We left feeling ready and raring to start our business. I would thoroughly recommend the course!

Alison & Sally

Very informative course. Was able to answer all our questions. Very knowledgeable about all aspects. An excellent way to get started.


Very good. Answered all questions I had. Gave me information about branding, packaging and all to start my own business. Highly recommend to anyone starting a business.

Amanda Macken

We are a small candlemaking business that needed some help in perfecting our scented soy wax candle using essential oils. We booked on a bespoke course with Zaga and it was the best thing we did. Zaga was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to put right some of the problems we had been having. Am pleased to say we are now very proud of our candles and get some good feedback from our clients.


I attended the class one on one with Zaga and it was a truly pleasant experience. The knowledge Zaga has of the industry is amazing and I learnt so much in the amount of time. I strongly recommend this class for anyone needing guidance to start a brand or simply just to learn about candle making. I can’t wait to start my journey into the candle business and I will be staying in touch with Zaga for feature guidance. Thank you Zaga x


I did this workshop with Zaga, and it was amazing! She was friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and made the idea of starting a candle business less daunting! Would definitely recommend Zaga’s expertise and this workshop to anyone who is interested in starting a candle business!


My wife & I went to the candle making course & found it extremely informative, we made a candle each to take home & are now looking to start our own candle business 🙂

Luke Giles

I would like to start by thanking Zaga for her fantastic service and sharing her expertise. Myself and my partner thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, we got everything we expected from the course and more. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some trusted advice and guidance in the art of candle making.


It was very useful to have a one on one session with Zaga. All my questions were answered and the session was helpful for me generating ideas for my business going forward as well as gaining confidence with candle making.

Laura Richardson

What a fantastic couple of hours, Zaga, as well as being very friendly and helpful, has a vast amount of invaluable knowledge, and having a 1-2-1 session made all the difference with regard to brand strategy and pricing, rather than online and books. I’m looking to start up my own candle business and now feel even more inspired to take my ideas forward…watch this space! I thoroughly recommend this course, you will leave buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm.

Darrell Wilson

Would really recommend this course if you either just want to have some fun and make your own candles, or if you are considering setting up your own business. The workshop was fun, engaging and hands on with Zaga sharing lots of experience and knowledge about candle making and the industry in general. Learned a lot 🙂

James Coville

Brilliant course! I learnt a lot more then I expected too and felt inspired to follow my ideas into the candle making world. I would highly recommend this course as it was also great value for money.


Our class with Zaga was excellent! We had a brilliant midday session, and everything was very professional and informative. We were amazed at how much we learnt in Zaga’s class, and found all of her tips very useful! The workshop was very relaxing, and fun. We’ll definitely be making more candles in the future! Would recommend her class to anyone interested in making candles. Thank you Zaga!


Really enjoyed the class with Zaga. She was very knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. I learnt a lot and immediately put my new found skills in to action. Very professional course with lots of information, guidance and tips.


Really enjoyed the class. Zaga was warm and welcoming. Learnt a lot, everything explained simply. Was given lots of tips and answered all my questions. Overall friendly and informative session, would definitely recommend to those enquiring about Business start up!


Really enjoyed the class. Zaga was warm and welcoming. Learnt a lot, everything explained simply. Was given lots of tips and answered all my questions. Overall friendly and informative session, would definitely recommend to those enquiring about Business start up!

Feven Iyassu

Really glad I came across this class and attended. Zaga is one of the nicest teachers you could meet. The process was explained simply and she gave us tips all the way through – whether its for making your own candles to sell or just general care of your candles. Zaga is extremely helpful and offers great insight/advice for anyone looking to make or sell candles. I emailed her after the class with a few questions and she was very helpful. I’ve never done a crafts course before and this class was brilliant and a must do for anyone who wants to make candles. I would definitely go back if there were further classes.

Claudine Butcher

I attended this class with my husband and 14 year old daughter, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it very informative and Zaga very accomodating with excellent knowledge of candle making would definately recommend this class.>

Jo Archer

My mum and I really enjoyed this class. Zaga was very knowledgable and taught us alot! We came home with a delicious candle each.5

Harriette Mason

Myself and my family had an excellent day with Zaga on a beginners candle making course! Zaga is really knowledgable and helpful, and gave us helpful tips to make candles in the future and care for our candles in the best way. Location is perfect – just behind Oxford Street.We were spoilt for choice with all the different scents we could choose from and the glass candle jars have a nice sleek, modern design.


Would definitely recommend this workshop! Thank you! This was a really fun workshop for a birthday. A lot of time is spent waiting for the candles to set, but Zaga is really knowledgable and gives you lots of info about the candles so it’s very sociable. You come away with a lovely homemade candle at the end. Next time it would be great if we could try a few different scents within the class. Thank you!


I’m so glad I attended the workshop, what a lovely lady! Zaga was very informative, she gave lots of advice and answered all of my questions both at and outside the class. This workshop is a must and I would highly recommend.


I attended this class with a friend and found Zaga to be very personable. She has an extensive knowledge about both the science of making candles and the industry and I feel that the course was the perfect entry level introduction to the whole process of making candles. I have also already fully utilised the candle we made in our lesson (lovely) 🙂

Antonella Hamilton

I found this class very interesting and full of knowledge.I attended it with a friend with a view to creating my own bussiness and I learnt a lot which infact save me a lots of time and money in researching for suppliers, business legislation etc. The candle scents offered were amazing and some of them were signature Beauty Handmade blends. I am definitely recomending this workshop as it is a great value for money taking into account that it is held in the heart of London.

Aisha Jones

I took the scented candle workshop with Zaga a few weeks back and was absolutely thrilled with all the techniques and information she taught us that evening. She really took her time to explain every question we had and has been a great help since whenever I have had any more to pester her with! Couldn’t recommend more- such a fun skill to learn and would be such a great thing to do as a group I.e. Hen party etc .


I found the workshop very relaxing and full of information. It was very useful to have it delivered at beginner level as it was the first time I had attended. I enjoyed the technical and social parts of the workshop and the fact that I was free to express creativity and personalize my creations. 🙂


My wife attended this excellent class. Candle burns nice and clean. Very professional course with lots of information and guidance and would recommend anybody who is interested in candle making attends this course.


Went along to this class and was amazed how easy it was to make the candles, the instructor was extremely pleasant and very easy to get on with, she made it all very simple. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and will be re-visiting her body scrub class soon. Excellent 🙂