Are you searching for a truly unique and luxurious experience? Look no further than our Bespoke Lux Candle Fragrance Development Service, where your vision meets our expertise to craft the perfect candle scent.


At Beauty Handmade we understand that a candle’s fragrance is more than just a scent; it’s an emotion, a memory, and a reflection of your personal style. We offer a fully luxury bespoke and a semi-modifiable option, allowing you to be intimately involved in the creation of your dream candle fragrance.


We offer The Fully Bespoke Luxury and Semi-Modifiable Luxury candle fragrance development services, both offer high-end, personalised experiences, but they differ in the degree of customization and exclusivity we provide.




Semi-Modifiable Luxury Candle Fragrance Development:

Semi-Customization: In this service, you select your candle fragrance from a curated list of proprietary base and accord fragrances that we stock in our fragrance library. 

Price Point: Typically, semi-modifiable services are offered at a lower price point compared to fully bespoke services at £ 1,000 plus £250 each additional modification




The fully bespoke service offers complete creative control, exclusive uniqueness, and a higher level of craftsmanship but comes at a premium cost.

The semi-modifiable service offers customization within predefined options and is more affordable. Your choice between the two depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of personalization you desire for your candle fragrance.

Fully Bespoke Luxury Candle Fragrance Development:


Full Customization: This service offers you complete creative control over the creation of your candle fragrance. You have the freedom to select from a vast range of premium molecules, rare ingredients, to craft a scent that is entirely unique.

Higher Price Point: Due to the unlimited options and the exclusivity of the service, fully bespoke luxury candle development is typically more expensive,  and priced at 5,000 GBP.

Unique Creations: The fragrance created in a fully bespoke service is exclusive to you. It won’t be replicated for anyone else, ensuring that your candle fragrance is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: The level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is often at its highest in fully bespoke services, ensuring the scent is precisely balanced and reflects your vision.

Why Choose Our Fully Bespoke Luxury Service?


Unrivaled Personalization: We offer a fully customizable experience, tailored to your exact specifications. Every aspect of your candle fragrance, from the scent to the packaging, is uniquely crafted for you.

Unlimited Options: With our Fully Bespoke Luxury Service, you are not limited by a selection of base fragrances. You have the freedom to select from an extensive range of rare and premium essential oils and ingredients to create your own signature scent.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Our perfumer will work tirelessly to ensure that your vision is brought to life with precision and artistry.

Exceptional Quality: We use the finest, rarest, and most luxurious ingredients, ensuring that your candle fragrance is not only a masterpiece but an olfactory journey.

Exclusivity: Your fully bespoke candle fragrance will not be replicated for anyone else. It is a unique masterpiece, just for you.

Why Choose Our Semi modifiable Luxury Candle Fragrance Development Service


Affordable Luxury: Our Semi Modifiable service offers the perfect balance between luxury and affordability. If you’re looking for a unique, high-quality candle fragrance without breaking the bank, this is the ideal choice. At 1,000 GBP, it provides a taste of luxury within reach.

Creative Control: While not fully bespoke, our Semi Modifiable service still grants you a significant degree of creative control. You get to choose from a carefully curated selection of base fragrances, allowing you to find a scent that resonates with your preferences.

Personalized Touch: Our semi-modifiable option enables you to put your personal touch on the candle fragrance. You can adjust and fine-tune the selected base fragrance to better

Time-Efficient: Semi Modifiable services typically have a quicker turnaround time compared to fully bespoke options. This makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a customized fragrance without an extended waiting period.

How to start candle business in 2023

How It Works:

Consultation: We start with a comprehensive consultation where you can share your vision and preferences. We’ll discuss your favorite scents, memories, and any specific ideas you have in mind.

Ingredient Selection: You have the freedom to select from our curated collection of the world’s most exquisite essential oils, precious resins, and rare ingredients. Your imagination is the only limit.

Scent Creation: Our perfumer will work closely with you to create a fragrance that is beyond your wildest dreams, expertly blending and balancing ingredients to perfection.

Quality Assurance: We’ll create a sample candle with your fully bespoke fragrance for your approval. Your candle won’t be produced until you are entirely satisfied with the scent.



You get to enjoy the delightful process of creating a candle fragrance that’s uniquely tailored to your preferences and memories, all while maintaining an affordable price point. Experience a touch of luxury and make your space come alive with a scent that’s uniquely yours. Contact us today to get started on your bespoke candle journey 




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