Student review of the Beauty Handmade Workshop

Meet the Next Candle Entrepreneur

“There are so many candle making courses out there which teach the basics of how to make a candle but I was looking for more than that. I wanted to learn about creating a brand and a fragrance business and this course does exactly that.

 As soon as I found this course and spoke with Zaga I knew this is exactly what I was looking for and she did not disappoint.”

Natalie Campbell

We are sharing a review of the one day Accelerate Business Candle Making workshops held here at Beauty Handmade. Natalie Campbell from Wales took part in my one to one workshops back in late 2019 and here’s what she had to say.

These workshops have more than met my expectations. Zaga includes so much information and is so well informed about creating brands and clearly has a passion for fragrance. She is very generous with her knowledge and covers off elements of the business I hadn’t even considered yet. This has got me thinking differently about my approach to creating my brand and on how to position myself in the relevant market. I am more than confident that I know exactly what steps to take next to get started.

Perfumery for candles

I completed the fragrance workshop as part of the day and we created my own bespoke fragrance which will be my first signature scent. I am super excited to now create more unique fragrances to accompany this and this is definitely the next stage for me!!!

Perfumers organ

The best part of the day for me was learning about fragrances and understanding how they work together to create my own unique scent which I cannot wait to use in my business. And of course meeting and getting to know Zaga who is a wonderful lady.

I have also purchased the perfumer’s mini organ set as I wanted to create more fragrances and this also seems like a most cost effective way to do so. It is an exact mini replica of the real perfumers’ organ Zaga has for us. Thank you Zaga for this fantastic opportunity. The set is small and portable so I can take it everywhere I go.

Candle Makers fragrance oil ingredient set

Informative | Exciting | Fabulous

Thank you so much Zaga- I can not wait to get started and show you my brand.

Natalie x