Founder of Penlanlas Cymru Soaps and Candles

BH: How you got into candle making

KY: I wanted to expand my range of natural handmade bath products and thought that  natural soy wax candles using pure essential oils would be a great addition.  I researched courses and came across Beauty Handmade’s One-to-One Candle Making Course. I put it on my Christmas List and my husband very kindly bought it for me!

BH: Tell us about Penlanlas Cymru Soaps and its products

KY: Based in West Wales and inspired by nature around me, I make 7 varieties of natural handmade soap, using botanical and vegetable oils together with:  our own spring water, homegrown strawberries, lavender, calendula and daffodils; honey from neighbouring beehives, goats milk from a local herd, seaweed gathered by hand from nearby beaches and Halen Mon Welsh sea salt.  Other natural bath products include:  lavender bath salts, lavender bathcreamers and rose bathcreamers, again using pure essential oils and dried pressed flowers.

BH: How Beauty Handmade helped you create your brand and what one to one workshops did you take?

KY: I took the Beauty Handmade One-to-One Workshop which helped me to create my first natural soy wax candle.  Apart from teaching me about natural soy wax and how to use it in candle making, Zaga patiently and tirelessly helped me create a pure essential oil blend for my candle.  This was quite a challenge as fragrance oils would have been the easier option but I wanted to remain true to my brand ethos, using only natural ingredients. The aim was to create an essential oil blend with fragrance notes to evoke both the tranquility of the mountains, green forests, wild flower meadows and magnificent Cardigan Bay coastline in Wales.

My first candle is called O’r Mynydd I’r Mor (from the mountains to the sea) bringing the fresh wild air of our uniquely beautiful Welsh landscape into your home.

BH: Finally what does the future hold for Penlanlas Cymru Soaps candle brand?

I would like to add at least another 2 candles to the range – one with floral notes for summer and one with Christmassy fireside notes for winter.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Zaga and will definitely enlist her help for any future candle projects.  Apart from being extremely professional, her knowledge, support and enthusiasm has been invaluable!

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