Creator of Loyal Candle Brand

BH: Tell us how you got into candle making business?

AS: Being completely honest I had come to a point in my life where I wanted to make a change and to do something for myself.  More importantly I wanted to do something meaningful and something I’m hugely passionate about. I’ve been buying, burning and loving other peoples candles in my home for over 15 years and thought to myself ‘why can’t I do that’. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had to put in some serious hard work, time, research and make lifestyle sacrifices to get to where I wanted to be. I think if you’re truly passionate, motivated and believe in something then you really can turn it into a reality.

BH: Tell us about Loyal Candle brand and its products

AS: I won’t hold back here, I LOVE my brand. It’s everything I wanted it to be and I wouldn’t change it for anything. For me loyalty is everything. Whether it’s through a relationship, friendship, family or even someone you’ve never met. Loyalty is everywhere, even when we can’t see it, or notice it. It’s an emotion I truly aspire to be in life. It’s certainly something I wanted to base my candles around.

My vision was to create something personal, something that meant something to me and would mean something to others. I wanted a candle that not only could people enjoy for themselves, but also one that could be given as a personal and meaningful gift to show love, friendship or simply a sign of appreciation. A LOYAL candle.

BH: How Beauty Handmade helped you create your candle making brand and what one to one candle making business workshop did you take?

AS: Beauty Handmade brought out everything in me. If I’m honest I arrived not really knowing what to expect, or even how I would seriously feel about the whole idea of starting a candle business. I had all these visions and ideas in my head but I knew deep down I needed professional help and guidance, especially when thinking about pursuing it as a potential career/business. I look back now and Zaga was great for me. Not only was she welcoming and warming she was very knowledgeable and professional. She also really made me think about who I am, why I was here and why I’m making this choice. All I can say is that I left feeling confident and excited about starting my very own candle business. I would say that if anyone is seriously considering or thinking about a potential business in candle making then I would start right here!

BH: Finally what does the future for Loyal Candles?

AS: A very tough question to answer with it being the very start of my journey. I’ve plenty of ideas, hopes and dreams like everyone else, but for now it’s just putting myself out there and seeing what happens. No matter what happens, I have the belief and passion to do well.

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