Fragrance Making


Fragrance Making with free 30 minutes consultation with perfumer

This Fragrance making and learning ingredients box contains 50 notes in 5ml amber glass bottles. This set is training material which will enable you to understand and create a signature fragrance for your candles and home fragrance products. You will learn all how to formulate fragrance formula, what are middle, top and base notes, how to smell like a perfumer including suppliers’ contact details.

Boxes contain: 50 perfumery ingredients (the most used and split between natural and synthetic)  15 plastic pipettes, 100 perfume paper strips, 3 empty glass vials , 1 scale, 3 amber glass bottles with pipettes at 15ml each and notes how to make and formulate fragrance for your candle, reed diffuser, room spray.

Shipping: The parcel will be delivered to UK/Europe/USA/Rest of the World using a tracked courier service.


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