Candle Making Business with Compliance and Regulatory CLP Workshop – One To One


DURATION: 2 Very Intense Hours


This private and one to one workshop is a complete business candle making workshop in one place that will give you an arsenal of tools, knowledge and information to enable you to create a successful candle making business.


Those of you that may be thinking of starting your own candle making business and you are unsure as to where to start.

Those of you that may have already created a brand but struggling with candle making products or a sale or a brand identity.


No prior knowledge required. Everything will be explained in detail.


You will get unlimited email to me with your questions and FREE half an hour of my time either over the phone or in person to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.


In this you + me,  2-hour strategy, planning and practical candle making workshop & training you will gain not only a practical candle making tips and knowledge but we will discuss some common troubleshooting as to how fragrances can change your candle, how the shape of the container will affect how the wick performs, where to source the highest quality packaging and raw ingredients, and much more to create a lucrative line of candle line products. We will be discussing and brainstorming your candle making business position within the Market place and what you can do to create a unique business that customers will love to buy from.

For a full description of the course please scroll down the page to description.

Please note that majority of candle makers in the UK use the same scents from the same suppliers.  I would therefore highly recommend and encourage you to create unique and signature scent for your candle making business that your customer can relate and please take time to have a look at Candle Business Making Fragrance Formulation on this page

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Candle Making Course

What’s included in the price?

1. How to make a soy scented container candle including all troubleshooting problems – step by step so you will not need to Google and Youtube why your candle turns out to be like….this or that as simply you will not find your answers there.
a) candle waxes available in the market place today
b) wicks to use
c) candle burning manual
d) Equipment needed to make a candle and set up a candle making business

2. How to properly label your product and stay compliant with CLP Regulation (Candle Labelling and Packaging so you stay legal)
3. What fragrance to use and what fragrance options are available to you
3. How to package your product to reflect your branding and USP & CLP
4. Where to buy packaging from
5. How to design your own packaging
6. How to self manufacture
7. How to contract manufacture
8. What is important for a candle making business success
9. Brand positioning and target audience
10 List of Suppliers of raw ingredients
11. Setting up a candle making business: – whether you wish to trade as a sole trader or a limited company
12. Business Legals & insurances
13. How to test finished products for safety
14. How to batch products and keep batch records
15. Selling your product
16. Where to sell in the UK and how to approach retailers
17. Where to sell overseas
18. How to use Social Media for Business to help you get your candle making business ahead
19. Cost of making a candle and how to price for profit, retail and wholesale
20. What retailers are looking for in a candle brand?

All equipment and material along with printed out course notes will be available to you to take home including a scented soy container candle in a glass that you will have scented with either essential or fragrance oils on the day.

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