Private label candle manufacturer


Comprehensive Service

I can help you with a full product development service , from sourcing materials and packaging design, to brand visuals and labelling. In addition to undertaking the process of product development for you I will also collate all data compiled during the development phase into PDR (Product Development Report) files and provide these to you along with a sample of a retail ready finished product. This report will contain all process for manufacturing, formulations, types of wax used and suppliers and all product development specifics that can help you with your self manufacturing and/or should you wish to seek third party manufacturing services.

I will provide regulatory-specific information and documentation relevant to your newly developed product.

My candle and fragrance design service is when I take care of all aspects of your project to handcraft a remarkable fragranced candle that your customer will love & relate to.

Approach and Process

I will work closely with you at every stage of the product development advising you every step of the way. My role will be hands on researching and developing your product including assessment of fragrances and waxes, sourcing and/or developing of the packaging, managing regulatory compliance, ensuring the vision for the brand is achieved at the highest possible level.  I will help you gain access to the most appropriate and relevant third party suppliers.

Working with Beauty Handmade

I understand candle industry and the market.  I help brands and companies develop and create the most different, unique and commercially successful products.

Creating new scented candle product or a home fragrance product is time consuming and it does require extensive expertise and knowledge as you not only need to satisfy your consumers but legislators.

Manufacturing and sourcing, finding the right fragrance for your product is crucial for your business success.


We’ll work together to create all of the beautiful little details that will ensure your candle is an experience for your customers and a perfect expression of your brand