We create candles brands with good people and for good people.  We do this by developing scented soy and/or natural and organic wax container candles for spas, hotels, fashion, luxury and cosmetics start ups and medium sized businesses.

Private Label Candle UK

Thank you for your interest in Beauty Handmade Private Label service and congratulations on deciding to start your own candle making business.

With a genuine expertise and passion in fragrances, we can assist you in creating a remarkable and unique range of products. We currently offer the following service under our Private Label Candles.


Light Bespoke Private Label Service

What you will get:-

220g scented candle in glass container.

Product Label Design with your own logo* and a name of your product

CLP Label information for your candle fragrance

*you must provide us wih your logo. If you do not have your brand logo we can design it for you. Additional fee applies.

Minumum order quantity – MOQ: 500 candles (can be split between two scents)

Cost: £6,990

Lead time: 3-6 months

T&C: All orders must be paid in full at time of purchase. We do not accept partial payments.

Shipping: We ship via UPS. All shipping charges will be advised and paid by customer.

Image below is the true representation of a container and a box that you will get. We have applied our own label just to show you how it looks like with a branding.

private label candle manufacturer

Fully Bespoke Luxury Candle Private Label Service

What you will get:-

We will produce premium and deluxe scented candles in a choice of pure soy (vegan), certified organic wax (non vegan), soy blends, coconut, rapeseed and olive.   We will design your logo, packaging and a scent for your candle. We will also take care of your CLP and safety labels so you will know you are completely legal in your business. The finished product will be delivered to you under your own brand name ready to be sold to your customers.

Minimum order requirement MOQ: 1500 units per fragrance 

Your budget: £15,000 +

Bespoke Candle Product Line Development Service

Price £650 per product (per candle)

You want to start a candle making business but you do not want to research and develop your product yourself. You do not have time to experiment and test and test and you do not want to learn from trial and error. What you want is a finished product with a formula and a full report with prototype or a retail ready product sample.

To learn more about this coveted service please visit the services page


Our candle and fragrance design is when we take care of all aspects of your project to handcraft a remarkable candle that your customer will love

We’ll work together to create all of the beautiful little details that will ensure your candle is an experience for your customers and a perfect expression of your brand. I design one of a kind fragrances for candles that are unique, elegant and timeless.