Fragrance Formulation and Exclusive Olfactory Creation for Brands

Creating fragrances for brands

The only way your candle brand will stand out is with an unique, exclusive and scent that has no associations. You do not want to be another “me too” company.

One-of-a-kind bespoke fragrance creation and design for your brand

Make sure your customers recognise your brand! We create one-of-a-kind signature scents that connect brands with customers, in deeper more memorable ways composed of the finest raw materials, natural essential oils and exquisite aromas. Once completed your signature scent may be experienced in various forms, from a scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays to skincare and cosmetics.

Scent Marketing


We begin with an initial consultation to talk through your scent profile of your business, your vision, ideas and priorities which will enable me  to create a detailed proposal tailored to your specific product requirements. This is normally achieved over the phone call and/or a meeting in London.


  • Delivery of a fragrance samples for approval and acceptance
  • Additional 3 modifications
  • Scent will be named by you
  • Each resulting fragrance creation will be the sole property of the customer for 1 year unless a different timeline is agreed upon.
  •  Each fragrance formula will remain proprietary and the property of Beauty Handmade UK. Releasing the formula constitutes sale of it, and can be arranged under a separate contract.
  • You will be given 500 ml of concentrated fragrance.


From the date we agree and you pay your deposit it will take from 3- 6 months



Payments are done in two stages. £1,450 once we have agreed the scent profile and the remainder of £1,450 once the samples have been sent you to.


Businesses that wish to stand out in the market place with an unique scent for their brand, a candle, a reed diffuser, a room spray line of products, hotels, spas, skincare and cosmetic brands, retail and travel, fashion.


This perfume blend is yours to use on exclusivity basis for as long as your business exists. The exclusivity means that this perfume blend will not be shared or passed to other companies that commission me to create bespoke fragrances.


We retain a fragrance formula rights. You will be able to purchase refills from us. If you wish to own the right to formula and include it under your Intellectual  Property that can be arranged under a separate contract of sale  which can only be discussed in private.


These will be necessary if modifications of scent created is required. This means that if you are not happy with the first creation we will give you 3 more modifications as per your requests. PLEASE NOTE : we will never copy other brands scent.

If you have any questions and want to discuss further please contact us at