For me it’s all about the love and passion for building a different candle making and home fragrancing brands in the saturated market place

 I love the challenge of creating and delivering luxurious candle making business workshops that are as unique as my wonderful participants.  I love being part of witnessing that many wonderful candle making ideas turn into successful and profitable businesses here in the UK and abroad. I love that each and every workshop I deliver means a lot and it is a solid starting point to great businesses.

Learning candle making from blogs, group classes that have little or no relevance to your business can be an unrewarding and dull experience. How can you realistically have a proper candle making business without attending a professional candle making training?

Hello & Welcome

I am really glad to see you here and I believe that I will inspire you to start and build a remarkable business making candles 

I am Zaga, a perfumer and candle designer with over 15 years of professional experience within the industry so I have been in all those places and I learnt the hard way what it takes to be a successful candle maker and a fragrance designer. I have collected a substantial list of suppliers, partners and contacts during my career and I am very happy to share all my knowledge with you along with  valuable contacts. I work with small to start ups to small businesses to help them conceive an original candle line with individual and unique bespoke service. I have done projects with Virgin, Live Nation, Carlsberg to name a few.

Successful candle making business isn’t just about making a candle. It’s a process that helps you understand who your buying personas are, what drives them to make a purchase, why should they buy from you, and how to communicate your brand identity and story to your relevant customer segments. In addition this process also involves legal aspects of your business and Regulations that you must adhere to.

Beauty Handmade offers one to one and private business candle making workshops and training to national and international clientele since 2014. Working closely with each individual we create beautifully elegant candle making brands. No two clients are the same!

The true difference

I take particular care to get to know you and your business and I listen to you to gain a full and comprehensive understanding of your business requirements. My training is 100% relevant to you and your business (if you have one) or your start up business idea.

Who is this for?

My workshops are designed to help you and others start their own candle making business or those of you that have a candle making business but you also recognise a need for a professional assistance in developing your own candle making brand with full compliance required in this industry.

I work with start ups and small to medium size clients in home fragrance/air care, fine fragrance. I have trained 200+ clients from China, Indonesia, Dubai, Europe/UK, South America, and Africa. My model is unique for each client as nothing is as exclusive and personal as something that has been handcrafted to cater for your own business needs and your brand story.

What is the benefit to you?

I offer workshops that are one to one, private and bespoke. You and me. I will teach you all you need to start your own candle and home perfume business including all legalities and business requirements that are specific to you and your business. I do not train business candle making in groups as I cater all my workshops to accommodate your own business needs.  I appreciate that following my workshop you will  have questions and challenges that need professional solutions, consultation or an answer and I am available to you at no additional costs. You will receive my support after the workshop as I would also like to monitor your progress.  Please refer to our workshops section on the website for a full description.

Industry Acknowledged Reputation

All workshops are created and run by Zaga (myself).I have been in the industry for over 15 years and  I am very passionate about fragrances and being creative and sharing the love for the safest, eco, but yet effective handcrafted candles & artisan fragrances. I love what I do and I thank the Universe for the opportunity to be able to help others achieve their dream businesses in candle, fragrances and skincare industry.

My Service Difference

Beauty Handmade workshops is a bespoke service that is customised according to your needs, business and your time. You will receive a bespoke business package in one place so there is no waste of time and money. This service is strictly by appointment and it is one to one, You + Me so as you have all the attention you need and a full confidentiality to discuss any of your business projects, obstacles with a view to finding solutions on the day.   You will be equipped with knowledge and all practical and legal matters so as you can go home and start your own business with full confidence and no fear.

Business Hours

I offer slots Mon to Sat from 9am to 6pm. As many of my clients travel from abroad and other parts of UK to benefit from my services and if you are one of them I will work with your schedule to accommodate your travel arrangements.


I are located at the heart of Chelsea, London’s prime location.

Nearest tube stations are: South Kensington, Gloucester Road, Earls Court.

How to Book

To book our services please go to Workshops section of the page and choose a workshop you wish to attend. You may wish to ring me first to discuss availability and to check whether this is for you before you proceed with an online payment. My booking telephone number is +44 (0) 203 475 4821

If you have any questions you may wish to email me at [email protected]

Please read my  Terms and Conditionsand FAQ as I have tried to answer all your questions in those sections.

I look forward to speaking to you.